RiskSave Compliance

Services Overview


RiskSave Compliance can offer a full suite of regulatory solutions, from an FCA umbrella to outsourced compliance.

FCA Umbrella

With our FCA umbrella we provide the relevant regulatory permissions to enable you to provide financial services to all clients across Europe. We fulfil your compliance obligations and take charge of your regulatory processes, including regulatory reporting. RiskSave Compliance will provide the necessary infrastructure that matches the regulatory needs of your business activity. 

Outsourced compliance

RiskSave Compliance can provide a complete outsourced compliance service to businesses old and new. From advice on policy design and documentation, to the day-to-day monitoring of key regulatory processes, RiskSave can customise a service to your needs.


With backgrounds in risk and quantitative analytics, as well as compliance, RiskSave are best-placed to meet the demands of the new PRIIPs KID regulatory standard. We provide an end-to-end solution including proxy construction, where appropriate, total cost calculations, scenario analysis and single risk indicator calculations. We can also put in place a periodic monitoring and updating process to ensure you remain compliant as market conditions change.