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What Is The Blockchain Regulatory Innovation Centre?

As cryptocurrencies and funding models such as ICOs enter the mainstream, we are seeing more and more innovative and disruptive businesses emerge that are built around DLT. So far, the business models built on these technologies have escaped detailed financial regulation, but the consensus is that this situation may not last.

RiskSave are proud to offer a partnership with businesses operating in this area, where we collaborate to develop future-proofed policies and processes so that they are ready for any changes the regulators introduce.

This collaborative project will give you the opportunity to present to your partners and prospective investors the reassurance that you are preparing for the long-term.

About Us

With roots in the FinTech revolution, we are a firm with an appreciation for the power of disruptive technology at our heart. We now focus on financial regulation and ensuring that firms have a stable base on which to build a successful business.

Within the BRIC we will assist with the following:
•    Technology: Support and Development
•    Compliance: Polices, Processes and Evolution
•    Outsourcing: Best Practice and Relationships
•    Regulation: Hosting and Direct (where possible)

Technology: Support and Development

From Digital Design, to Risk Analytics, Cyber Security and robust outsourcing. Our team have relationships with market-leading providers and patented in-house technology with the aim of best in class execution. For FinTechs we help accelerate, incubate and grow tech-focused solutions. For asset managers, we create lean tech focused robust processes making technology a strength. As part of BRIC you can be sure that the underlying mechanics of your proposition receive the most appropriate support.

Compliance: Polices, Processes and Evolution

In today’s environment, compliance is more important than ever. A bespoke, well-designed compliance program is vital to provide stability and support across revenue streams. Our policies and processes have been designed with Blockchain in mind and we can support novel propositions navigate regulatory waters in a compliant and innovative way. In addition, our systems are designed to deal with regulatory change and evolution.

Compliance is built into our technology and culture. We have domain expertise in regulatory compliance and Blockchain technology, making BRIC the perfect incubator for our clients’ DLT-based propositions.

Regulation: Hosting and Direct (where possible)

Sometimes the route to market and first-mover advantage can be vital to an innovative proposition. This is particularly true of Blockchain. The Blockchain Regulatory Innovation Centre offers access to our FCA umbrella accelerating and ensuring a quick and efficient route to market.  An FCA Umbrella  Appointed Representative is a firm that doesn’t hold direct authorisation from the FCA but instead acts on behalf of an authorised firm, commonly known as the principal.

BRIC will also aid the route to market by assisting with a direct application.

The compliance firm that gets blockchain. They understood the business and the risks and were a genuine value-add.
— Leading Crypto fund manager